Timescapes Japan, A Pinhole Journey

by Edward Levinson

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Timescapes Japan, A Pinhole Journey

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A Book of Edward Levinson’s Pinhole Photographs.

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About the book

This fine art monograph contains a unique vision of Japan as seen through the eyes of Edward Levinson and his pinhole cameras. Selected black and white photographs of work from 1993 to recent work. Features photos from the three popular series: “Healing Landscapes”, “Sacred Japan”, and “Japanese Cityscapes”. Brief texts in English and Japanese.

Award winner!

Edward Levinson was Awarded: First Prize in PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS (PX3) competition for the category BOOK-Other (Cover + 4 Inside Images) for the entry titled, Timescapes Japan. The jury selected 2007’s winners from more than 8,000 photography entries from 85 countries.

Short review from AlternativePhotography.com

Timescapes Japan, A Pinhole Journey by Edward Levinson is a wonderful journey of both photography and a country.

Coming home a little stressed from work and finding the book sitting outside my door, I immideately sat down and started leafing through the book at “work pace”.

I was expecting an essay form and was rather surprised finding there was only a short introduction, in both English and Japanese – all the credits are at the back of the book where the images are described in great detail. At first, I was flipping the pages back and forth, but soon found the images told me enough of a story.

After only a few pages the beautiful tranquile black & white pinhole images started drawing me in, the frantic pace of the turning pages slowed down and by the end of the book I felt as though I had travelled to Japan. It was a very relaxing trip, and…

“…I warmly recommend it to everyone.”

About the author

Edward Levinson is an American fine art and editorial photographer specializing in pinhole photography. A native of Virginia, he has lived in Japan since 1979. His work is regularly exhibited in Japan, the U.S.A., and Europe. His pinhole and lens photographs appear in many Japanese books and magazines as well as in English publications about Japan. He is a member of the Pinhole Resource, the Photographic Society of Japan, Pinhole Photographic Art Society, and is the international director of the Japan Pinhole Photographic Society. He conducts pinhole photography workshops and maintains a gallery of his work at his country home/studio in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture Japan. His pinhole photographs are in the collection of the Hungarian Museum of Photography, Manggha Center for Japanese Art & Technology National Museum Krakow Poland, Mariners’ Museum, Graham Nash/Nash Editions, Collection of Julia J. Norrell, and in many private collections. Publications include the photo book “Timescapes Japan”, and the essay book “Edo’s Lessons in Pinhole Photography, Photography for Slow Life” (Iwanami Publishers, in currently in Japanese only). He has published many non-pinhole books on country life and organic living in collaboration with his Japanese wife, writer and essayist Shizuka Tsuruta.


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  • Published by Nippon Camera Publishing Co., Japan
  • 1st edition. Published June 2006
  • Size: 250 mm (w) x 240 mm (h) or 10 1/4 inch (w) x 9 3/4 inch (h)
  • 108 pages, 96 Photos, Duotone
  • Language: Brief texts in English and Japanese
  • ISBN4-8179-2098-X C0072

Introduction to the interview with the author by Gregg Kemp, from Pinhole Visions, Jul 14, 2006

“One of the first thoughts I had while viewing and reading Edward Levinson’s new book Timescapes Japan – A Pinhole Journey, was how much my own photography has been influenced by him. The influence isn’t so much in the images themselves as it is in Ed’s approach to pinhole photography. Whether it is the influence of Japanese culture or perhaps Ed’s personal nature, his approach to his work is thoughtful and meditative. And his photographs of the last several years reflect those qualities of his style. This approach is also apparent in his sparse, but elequent writing that accompanies the book. This book is a collection of images you will want to return to often.”

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Images from inside the book


Image titles:

Top left: Buddah’s Children
Top right: Peninsular Sunset
Above left: Pond Dance
Above right: Sky Window
Left: Guard Dog

Feedback on Timescapes Japan, A Pinhole Journey:

“Timescapes Japan, A pinhole Journey, will take all viewers on a journey that will change their lives for ever. The hidden healing power inside the images, will gently open the hearts of all people. Not any words, neither any comments, will be able to express the beauty, the magic touch of love and the soul power of the work realised by Edward Levinson.”

– Fran De Frangh (Belgium)

“Great book! ”

– No Name

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