The Chrysotype Manual: The Science and Practice of Photographic Printing in Gold

by Mike Ware

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The Chrysotype Manual by Mike Ware
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Intended for advanced practitioners of the photographic arts.

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In The Chrysotype Manual, a guide intended for advanced practitioners of the photographic arts, Mike Ware gives the first step-by-step instructions for three full working methods of producing new chrysotype prints. Illustrated and containing detailed information on every aspect of new chrysotype production, including: ultraviolet light sources, paper characteristics, chemical preparation and handling, negative production, material sources and more. The definitive work on the subject.

  • 211 pages: Spiral Bound
  • Publisher: ffotoffilm publishing
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780955112904
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About Mike Ware

Dr Mike Ware graduated in chemistry at the University of Oxford, where he subsequently obtained his doctorate in molecular spectroscopic research. Following an academic career at the University of Manchester, he is now independently committed to studying the science, history, art and conservation of alternative photographic processes. His research on printing in noble metals was recognised by the award of the Hood Medal of the Royal Photographic Society, and the Richard Farrand Memorial Award of the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

He consults for the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford, England, and has supervised postgraduate research at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art, and at the University of Derby.

His researches on improving historic alternative processes, such as the platinotype, cyanotype, chrysotype and argyrotype, are published in both the scientific and popular literature. His studies of early photography have appeared in the academic periodical, History of Photography. The conservation of the first photographs on paper by Henry Talbot is the subject of his book ‘Mechanisms of Image Deterioration in Early Photographs’ and the process invented by Sir John Herschel is the subject of his book ‘Cyanotype: the History, Science and Art of photographic printing in Prussian Blue’.

By way of a counterbalance to scholarly activity, he has exhibited his personal photographic work in galleries in Europe and the USA, and has appeared on BBC Televison in the Open University series ‘The Chemistry of Creativity’.

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Reviews of The Chrysotype Manual:

“These books are fascinating to read…”

– Graham English, Chemistry World

“…of all the alternative process instruction manuals I have ever read, this one is easily the clearest, most comprehensive, and best written.”

– John Marriage, Photographica World

“The books themselves are really excellent, I was very impressed with them and excited to follow instructions which were clear and concise… The purchase of the chrysotype books despite there quality, has meant a wast of resources for me. If only chemical prices were more accessible…”

– Anna (buyer on the site)

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