The Albumen Print: A practical guide

by Radosław Brzozowski

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The Albumen Print: A practical guide by Radosław Brzozowski
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An artist sharing knowledge of Albumen printing.


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  • Printed: 140 pages, A5 format, full colour paper back

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Albumen print book sample page
Albumen print book sample page lab

About Radosław Brzozowski – in his own words:

Ever since I got hold of an old Soviet made Zenit camera at the age of 13, photography has constantly been my passion. A camera has accompanied me most of my life naturally becoming not just a passion but a profession as well, though the worn out Zenit was replaced by digital SLRs and LF cameras.

I currently specialize in artistic nude photography, both done digitally and with traditional photographic methods as well as in historical photographic process with albumen print, gumprint, oilprint and platinum print being my favourits. I have also written a bestselling studio nude photography textbook “Fotografia Obnażona” (Photography Exposed) published by Helion.

In my other, non-photographic life I teach English; a career I have pursued for more than twenty years. I have also written textbooks for Wydawnictwo Szkolne PWN and Skrypt publishing houses. In addition I have translated books on photography and digital image edition for Helion and Galaktyka publishing houses.

Table of content

  • By way of introduction; a little history 6
  • 1 The Lab 11
  • Proper room 12
  • Equipment 16
  • A word about brushes 21
  • 2 Materials 25
  • Chemical compounds 26
  • Sodium or ammonium chloride 26
  • Choosing the right paper 28
  • 3 Glossy albumen print 33
  • Preparing the albumen solution 34
  • Coating albumen paper 38
  • Double coating with albumen 45
  • Sensitizing albumen paper 47
  • 4 Matt albumen print 59
  • Preparing matt albumen 60
  • Coating matt albumen papers 61
  • 5 Exposing the albumen print 67
  • Working with sunlight 68
  • Artificial light sources 68
  • Tools for copying images 70
  • Test strip; deciding the appropriate exposure time 74
  • 6 Contrast control in the albumen process 79
  • Splitting the exposure between shade and open sunlight 80
  • Subjecting the paper to ammonia fumes (Fuming) 80
  • Adding potassium bichromate to the sensitizing solution 81
  • Adding a little potassium bichromate to the wash 82
  • Changing the chloride concentration in the albumen 82
  • 7 Processing an untoned albumen print 85
  • 8 Toning albumen prints 91
  • Gold toners 93
  • Platinum and palladium toners 103
  • Blue (iron) toner 107
  • Commercial toners 109
  • Obtaining neutral colours 111
  • Sel d’or toner/fixer 112
  • 9 Using developers in the albumen process 115
  • Chloro-bromide albumen for printing by development 118
  • 10 The Negative 123
  • Paper negative 124
  • The albumen negative 125
  • The wetplate collodion negative 125
  • Glass plate negative 131
  • Sheet (large format) negative 133
  • X-Ray negative 135
  • Digital negative 137
  • Taking a shortcut – digital paper negative 138
  • Instead of ending, exhibit your prints 141
  • Bibliography 143
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