Terri Cappucci

Terri Cappucci is a documentary photographer and photographic artist from New England. She works with multiple alternative processes including gumoil, bromoil and wet plate collodion. Cappucci earned her MFA in Photography from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
From: Turners Falls, Massachusetts, USA.
Shows: Bromoils, Gumoils and Wet plate collodions.

Terri Cappucci is a photographic artist who grew up in Bernardston, Massachusetts, a small farming community on the Vermont border. She began her career as staff photojournalist for a large daily newspaper and moved on to full time freelance work with the Boston Globe and the New York Times being her clients.  Terri is best known for her twenty-year documentary in South Africa, a film-based project photographed from 1994-2014 which was on display in Doric Hall at the Massachusetts State House, in Boston. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and  is a  working artist  and educator in western Massachusetts.

In recent years, Terri has taken her photographic experience and merged her expressive and intentional compositions, to create prints using historical 19th century photographic processes. For more than twenty-years, she has worked out of her home studio where she is committed to utilizing one of the many printing techniques, to match what she feels the image is commanding. These print processes include bromoil, gumoil, and wet-plate.

“While digital photography is an active part of my portfolio, my preference has always been working with film and with antiquarian processes. There is something beautiful that happens in a darkroom when I watch the image come to life in front of me. In a world where people don’t print photographs as often, I need that tactile experience to stay in touch with my own artistic process. When I work in wet plate, bromoil, or gumoil, I catch myself in a delicate, yet graceful dance, between the camera and the positive image that is emerging in my hands. These are the experiences that inspire and grow my vision.”


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