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The Analogue Laboratory, Australia. Ship globally

Cyanotype chemicals and kits. Printing Frames. Ship globally. Frames Hand-made contact printing frames in standard sizes for 8×10″/A4 paper or 11×14″ paper. Custom sizes available by request. Our contact printing frames are made in-house from recycled timbers at our studio in Adelaide, Australia, to a design we modelled on several original contact frames from the early 1900’s. The contact frames are rigid with hand-made steel springs for appropriate pressure. They are extremely … Read more

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TruNeg – software for making negatives, Australia. Ship globally

TruNeg is a software that can be used to make negatives. TruNeg is a program that correctly inverts the digital image to make authentic photographic negatives. It was created by Australian photographer and photography educator John Riches. John decided to find out why the inverted image did not work and what needed to be done to make it work. TruNeg is the result. Address: 43B Ocean Park Drive, Marengo Victoria … Read more