Spiffy Tumbleweeds first camera

Spiffy Tumbleweed and pinholes

An interview with Spiffy Tumbleweed, how he started out pinholing, his cameras and a couple of good hints and tips to pinholers. Spiffy Tumbleweed is probably known to many of you as one of the moderators – and hero – doing the everyday work of moderating the AlternativePhotography.com Facebook group. How did you choose the name Spiffy Tumbleweed? Spiffy Tumbleweed: The name Spiffy Tumbleweed came about in the early days … Read more

The moderators of our Facebook Group

Meet the moderators of the AlternativePhotography.com Facebook group

Many of you (30 000 as of April 2021) are already members of the AlternativePhotography.com Facebook group. Meet the moderators – the heroes that keep the group on topic. In the past we tried forums running forums – that got littered with spam and an unmoderated group – same story, then volunteers stepped in and started moderating the AlternativePhotography.com Facebook group, now we can all enjoy a spam-free on topic … Read more

Spiffy Tumbleweed

Spiffy Tumbleweed lives and works in South Austin, Texas. He works mainly in pinhole photography, but also shares his work in albumen, cyanotype, gum, mordancage and Polaroid SX-70. From: South Austin, Texas, USA. Shows: Albumen prints, Cyanotypes, Gum bichromates, Mordancages, Pinholes, Polaroid SX-70s. Working under the name Spiffy Tumbleweed, this artist lives and works in South Austin, TX and is active with a variety of photographic processes. He has been … Read more