Preparation & use for Siderotypes: Cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, Argyrotype, Ziatype, and the silver halide process of B&W silver gelatin v.1.5

The Special Edition Art Project was created to afford photographers and artists practical access to the creation of wet-processed photographic prints. This photographic processes user guide focusses instruction on classic B&W silver gelatin printmaking as well as the historic light-sensitive iron based Siderotypes processes of Cyanotype (iron), Vandyke Brownprint, aka VDB, (silver / gold), Argyrotype (silver / gold), and Ziatype (palladium / gold / tungsten / platinum). Writer and photography / … Read more

Fumed silica figure 1 detail

Improve your Siderotypes with fumed silica pre-treatment

Fumed Silica treatment can improve details in your Siderotypes, but be careful, it’s not chemistry without risk as Giorgio Bordin tells us. Writer and photography / Giorgio Bordin Fumed Silica, as it’s commonly said, (CAS 112945-52-5) is also known as pyrogenic silica because it is produced in a flame. It consists of an extremely fine white powder made of microscopic droplets of amorphous silica (viz not crystalline), fused and branched … Read more