Chlorophyll print

How to preserve Chlorophyll prints

Bárbara Morais shares her process of preserving – otherwise unstable – Chlorophyll photographs, making them UV resistant. Writer and photography / Bárbara Morais “Nature is the final place where memory lies.” Binh Danh. Mr. Binh Danh, the photographer who has made famous the chlorophyll prints, said that this is a whole process of attempts and errors, in which “only one … Read more

Laguna Salinas I

How B&W photographic film works

David Kachel goes into detail to explain how black and white film works, sharing the ins and outs of B&W film. Writer and photography / David Kachel Knowledge is a thing that is easily lost to a society. Worse, it is even more easily discarded. We humans behave a lot like crows in one respect: if we see something shiny, … Read more

Judy Seigel Post Factory

Judy Seigel

Judy Seigel’s daughter Jessica is sharing this obituary with us. Rest in Peace Judy, you will be sorely missed. Writer and photography / Jessica Seigel Dear AltPhoto Friends, The AltPhoto community was a profoundly important part of my mother, Judy Seigel’s life and so it is with warm salutations that I post her obituary here. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s seven years … Read more

Sublime Memories thesis: Cyanotype on bone

Writer and photography / Alexis Bernstein Alexis Bernstein has written a thesis on the process of Cyanotype Printing and Indigo Dye on the medium of bones. She shares her process and concepts. Bones as a medium for cyanotype printing and indigo dying; The strength derived from connection to the environment; And the power of the color blue. Honors Thesis, Advisor: … Read more

Arrangement of developing trays.

Carbon printing – getting started

Writer and photography / Sandy King and John Lockhart An excerpt from The Carbon Print explaining how to use the book, be safe, and avoid common pitfalls with the Carbon print process. If you are a veteran carbon printer, you should feel comfortable jumping around this book to topics of special interest. For new carbon printers, there is a path … Read more

Rainy Day Activities for the Sun Printer

What’s a sun printer to do when the clouds march in? Peter J. Blackburn provides a few ideas. Writer and photography / Peter J. Blackburn As a gum printer who depends upon cloudless sunny days to expose negatives, I am so thankful to live in Texas. More often than not, the sun is readily available here and I can print … Read more

After exposure

What is the gumoil process

Writer and photography / Terri Cappucci Terri Cappucci explains what the gumoil process is and how she prints.   What is the gumoil process?  It is a photographic printing process that uses a sensitizing gum arabic mix and oil paint, to create a handmade photograph. It is more detailed than this, but it is a start when explaining to someone for … Read more

Would We Be Missed, 1 Hand colored with pencils, 12x16 inches, Arches Platine

The gumoil process

Kelly Wrage has been working with the gumoil process after being introduced to gumoils by Cotton Miller in one of Christopher James’ workshops, she shares her experience in this instructional article. Writer and photography / Kelly Wrage I first heard about the gumoil process in July of 2013. I was introduced to it during an advanced alternative processesworkshop in Santa … Read more