Anthtoype made from sunflower

Sunflower (Helianthus) anthotype by Nancy Breslin

“Turning to the Sun” by Nancy Breslin
Country: USA
Parts used: Petals
Application: Brushing
Exposure time: 7 days, West window (afternoon sun)
Month, season and year: August, summer, 2022
Substrate: watercolour paper (Cotman 140 lb).
Contrast of final print: x (Almost none) (Poor at one week, but has potential with longer exposure)

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camera obscura pinhole camera image inside a room

Easily create a camera obscura

Nancy Breslin tests a camera obscura lens from the Finnish company called Bonfoton and turns an entire room into a camera obscure, reflecting the outside upside down on her wall and also recorded a video to show us. Writer and photography / Nancy Breslin ONLY FOR OUR READERS! A discount on ALL Bonfoton products from their website.  The code is … Read more

Edvard Levinsons pinhole of Time Square

Interview with pinhole photographer Edward Levinson

Nancy Breslin’s interview with photographer Edward Levinson, with the focus on pinholes and his digital pinhole project Spots of Light in Tokyo. Writer Nancy Breslin, photography / Edward Levinson Nancy Breslin: When students are introduced to pinhole photography it is often in the form of black and white paper negatives created in homemade cameras. Visitors to will see that … Read more

At the Corcoran Gallery – Taking His Time

Writer and photography / Nancy Breslin Among the work on display by students graduating from the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design are wet plate tintypes by Sebastien Arbona. This week has seen the opening of NEXT, the annual show at Washington, DC’s Corcoran Gallery of Art of work by students graduating from the Corcoran art school.  This year is … Read more