Summer rain, Christina Z. Anderson, Gum bichromate

All That and a Bag of Doritos – Christina Z. Anderson and the Impact of Imperfect Paths

Megan Crawford’s portrait of Christina Z. Anderson. Writer / Megan Crawford Photography / Kelsey Merritt, Christina Z. Anderson, Kelly Gorham, Megan Crawford Wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi? Maybe she meant to say wasabi, but that doesn’t make sense. Nope, wabi-sabi: the Japanese view of beauty in imperfection— literally the art of imperfection. I first learned about wabi-sabi in a photography darkroom at Montana State University, standing by a tray of chemistry that wafted … Read more

Chromoskedasic Sabattier

Chromoskedasic Sabattier: a step-by-step guide

Chromoskedasic sabattier is an experimental silver gelatin techqnique developed in the 1990s and carried out in a traditional darkroom. Megan Crawford explains the process. Writer and photography / Megan Crawford Overview of the sabbattier photographic process Chromoskedasic sabattier (chromo for short) is a darkroom process that was developed in the 1990s. In short, the process lifts the silver halides in gelatin silver paper to the surface, thus resulting in a … Read more

Megan Crawford

Megan Crawford

Megan Crawford, from Montana, has a background in history, which led her to explore alternative processes such as salted paper, chromoskedasic sabattier and mordançage. From: Columbia Falls, Montana, USA. Shows: Gum bichromate, salted paper, gum over salt, chromoskedasic sabattier and mordançage. Megan Crawford (b. 1995) is an alternative process photographer based in northwestern Montana. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Photography from Montana State University in 2017. … Read more