Elizabeth Graves

Interview with Malin Fabbri

Robert Schaefer interviews Malin Fabbri, recently after the publication of the beginners guide to cyanotypes: Blueprint to Cyanotypes.

Malin Fabbri

Cyanotypes – A New Look at an Old Technique

Cyanotypes – A New Look at an Old Technique: A thesis comparing the perception of cyanotypes to the perception of stock photography. The thesis of Malin Hylén (now Malin Fabbri) that got the website AlternativePhotography.com started back in 2000.

photographic negative

How to make a paper negative from a photograph

You have a photographic negative on paper, from, let’s say a pinhole camera. You want to use it to make cyanotype or other alt. procs, so it needs to be made more transparent… how do you do this?