The Entries for World Anthotype Day 2023

World Anthotype Day 2023 is now closed for entries, welcome back next time

The initiative of World Anthotype Day was started here by us, and the first event took place last year. Over 100 artists sent in their anthotypes! This will now (hopefully) be an annual event on the 3rd Saturday in August. It is a global event, and everyone who is an experienced or aspiring anthotyper is invited to take part. Open to all, but now closed for this year – all … Read more

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1

Review of Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1

Peter J. Blackburn reviews Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1, and finds this springboard and resource alluring – and is eagerly awaiting the next volume.  Writer / Peter J. Blackburn If ever there was a medium that best captured the soft, the gentle, and the ethereal, anthotypes would be among the champions. And those delicate qualities are clearly on display in Malin Fabbri’s new text, Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1, which continues to … Read more

The main parts of the paint-can camera.

In-camera Anthotypes – a world first, and perhaps also a last?

If stuck on a desert island, John Marriage chooses to keep himself amused with anthotypes, since plenty of pigments and an abundance of time would be at hand. He shares his experiments with in-camera anthotypes. Writer and photography / John Marriage A week before a July 2017 meeting, I had a phone call asking for a short talk on “What camera would I take if I were stranded on a … Read more

Chris G. Smith from Enthusing young minds

Enthusing young minds—an analogue and anthotype photography project

Enthusing young minds gives young people in East Yorkshire the opportunity to experience photography using historic alternative photographic processes and methods. Photography / Chris G. Smith, Megan Doyle, Tanya Riley, Clare Doyle, Izzy Riley and Demi Welham How did the “Enthusing young minds” project start? Chris G. Smith: I am the proud owner of a large collection of vintage cameras. I hate the idea of cameras just being used as … Read more

Anthotype Notes - Document your Anthotype Process notebook cover

Anthotype notes – Document your anthotype process

by Malin Fabbri   Buy the anthotypes notebook here – published by This notebook contains pre-defined pages with enough room to document 50 anthotypes. Rated 10 – based on 11 votes $00.00 Download printable eBook (PDF) directly. Free for Supporting Members – become a member and email If you are already a member, email us and we’ll send it! $8.00 Download eBook (PDF) and print it yourself. $18.00 … Read more

Anthotype emulsion database

Anthotype emulsion database

The Anthotype emulsion database is a collection of anthotypes that artists have contributed on World Anthotype Day. Find an emulsion for your anthotype and learn from other artists’ notes. All anthotype emulsions with examples of prints The 2022 entries in Book format: Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1 – The collective research from photographers on World Anthotype Day 2022. Turmeric, spinach, red cabbage, blackberry, spirulina and beetroot seems to be the most … Read more

Rose petals used to make anthotype prints

About World Anthotype Day

How World Anthotype Day started and how to take part in World Anthotype Day – on the 3rd Saturday in August. Join the anthotype newsletter and you will be notified. How World Anthotype Day started The initiative of World Anththotype Day was started here, by us, after sending out the Anthotype Day survey and getting an overwhelmingly positive response. The core team for the first year consists of Malin Fabbri, … Read more

Rose petals used to make anthotype prints

Do we need an Anthotype day? Anthotype day survey responses

Does the world need an Anthotype Day? Now we know, thanks to the 87 people who very kindly filled out our Anthotype day survey. Read on and you will know too! First a little background: Since the publication of Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants, the demand for more information has been apparent. We wanted to find out if an Anthotype day could: … Read more

Rose petals used to make anthotype prints

Survey: Does the world need an Anthotype Day?

Does the world need an Anthotype Day? We don’t know, so we’ll start with a survey to find out what YOU think. Please help us out by filling out the short survey. Please let us know what YOU think by filling out the Anthotype Day survey. Since the publication of Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants the demand for more information is apparent. Can … Read more