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This was Anthotype Day 2022…

The FIRST EVER World Anthotype Day is now over, and I must say it was a success! We really hope you enjoyed it too! 100+ artists (!!!) from 31 countries (!!!) took part. Go make a cup of coffee, and take your time to enjoy all the wonderful work – and explore even more on the videos and links below. … Read more

Reels from World Anthotype Day 2022

Artists’ videos from World Anthotype Day 2022… awesome!

During World Anthotype Day 2022 artists were encouraged to send in videos to present themselves and their work. They did. Watch the inspiring anthotype work! 👉 If you subscribe to the anthotype newsletter you will be notified for the next World Anthotype Day. 👉 The anthotype emulsion database 👉 This year’s gallery: 👉 If you can, please help us fund … Read more

English Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) anthotype by Ralph Rinke

English Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) anthotype by Ralph Rinke

“Stack of Chips” by Ralph Rinke
Country: Canada
Parts used: Cucumber skin (hothouse/greenhouse)
Application: Brushing with a foam brush
Exposure time: 3 hours 45 minutes – during mid day and high sun
Months, season and year: Summer, July 2022
Substrate: Stonehenge White cotton rag – 250 gsm
Contrast of final print: *** (High)

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