Sylvia Sampson

Sylvia Sampson has been into photography since high school. She discovered alt proc in the darkroom at PrarieView School of Photography and now works in photograms and pinholes.
From: Ottawa Ontario, Canada.
Shows: Photograms and Pinholes.

Sylvia Sampson’s love for photography and art started in her high school years but her dream of becoming a photographer didn’t become real until recently. It took a life changing event for her to realize the importance of following your dreams. In 2015 Sylvia enrolled in full-time photography course at PrairieView School of Photography in Winnipeg Manitoba. The opportunity to work in darkroom deepened her love for alternative processes. Every time she entered the darkroom it felt like a magical place. For her, it’s all about the surprises that the photo paper holds. It’s about embracing the mistakes that happen and seeing them as beautiful. Sylvia hopes that in the future she can teach others to see the beauty of simplicity and inspire others to create.

“Simple can be Beautiful!”

Explanation for the quote: The digital world has gotten so complicated. We no longer think about the shot we just shoot and shoot. But when I take that pinhole camera in your hand there is a switch that comes on and I begin to think about what I want to shoot and why. It’s about the light, not the colour, it’s simple, and it can be beautiful without the extras.

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