Sustainable options

Fill out the survey and contribute to this page, which aims to be a living document and a resource and a page containing a list of more sustainable options for some of the chemicals used in alternative photographic processes. The survey will be open until the end of May.

Researched by / Malin Fabbri, Anne Eder and Henri Blommers

  1. The survey is now closed. Thank you for taking part.
  2. The results will be analysed and summarised and available sometime during the summer
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  4. It will be a continuous process as new ways and processes are discovered and shared, so don’t hesitate to pitch in!

The results will also be presented by Malin Fabbri, Anne Eder and Henri Blommers who will hold a panel talk on Sustainable photography in July in Barcelona 2024 at the Experimental Photo Festival. and also do the analysis and summarising of the results.

Ideas on how to make your processes more sustainable:

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