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Sunflower (Helianthus) anthotype by Nancy Breslin

“Turning to the Sun” by Nancy Breslin
Country: USA
Parts used: Petals
Application: Brushing
Exposure time: 7 days, West window (afternoon sun)
Month, season and year: August, summer, 2022
Substrate: watercolour paper (Cotman 140 lb).
Contrast of final print: x (Almost none) (Poor at one week, but has potential with longer exposure)

Anthtoype made from sunflowerSunflower for making anthotypesAmount: Petals from two sunflowers, dried
Extracted using: Chopped with scissors, then crushed with a cocktail muddler
Thinner: Tap water
Layers: 2
Used to create image: Sunflower petals that had been pressed in a book

Challenges or observations: The applied emulsion had a nice yellow color, but after a week there was little image to see. I made the print in a print frame and placed it in a double-paned window, so perhaps the set-up absorbed too much of the UV light. Not worth publishing, but you can list it as a tried and failed!

Note from editor: Failures are good! This is exactly what we need to have in the database. All the “failures” are as important as the good ones for learning.

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