Suanne Peterson

Suanne Peterson photographer

Suanne Peterson focuses on non-toxic, darkroom-free photographic processes and draws and photographs things she observes.
From: Medford, Massachusetts, USA
Shows: Anthotypes, Chlorophyll prints, Cyanolumen, Cyanotype and Lumen

Suanne is a teacher and avid gardener living in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. She lives with her husband, their daughter and two cats. When she is not at work or weeding she likes to hike, ski, and experiment with non-toxic (or less toxic) photo processes which do not require a darkroom such as anthotypes, cyanotypes and lumen prints.

“I appreciate living in New England because things are always changing. There is always something new to discover in the garden and the woods.”

Suanne Peterson likes drawing and photographing the things she observes. Although she loves her teaching job it is very intense and she says it requires her to be more extroverted than is in her nature. Working quietly in the garden or on a drawing helps her stay calm and centered.

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