Stewart Jack

Stewart Jack’s work focuses on urban, botanical and travel landscape. His work consists primarily of Bromoils, Carbons, Palladiums and Ziatypes.
From: Sooke, British Columbia, Canada.
Shows: Bromoils, Carbons, Palladiums and Ziatypes.

Stewart Jack is a photographer living in Sooke British Columbia Canada. Stewart’s work focuses on urban, botanical and travel landscape. His work consists primarily of hand made prints using 19th century techniques. Stewart prints using salt, albumen, Van Dyke, gum, bromoil, carbon, Kallitype and platinum palladium (Ziatypes). 
Stewart Jack’s love of nostalgia is the primary influence for his work and these processes give him the most range to express his subjects.
Stewart been a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada and he has had the opportunity to learn from such photographers as Ira Block, Bobby Lane, Mitch Stringer, Troy Moth, d. bradley muir, Arlene Collins and Keith Carter. Stewart is strongly influenced by Yousuf Karsh and Keith Carter’s black and white images.
Stewart’s work is held in private collections in Canada, the United States and the UK. Stewart’s work has been exhibited at the Slide Room Gallery in Victoria, Art Incognito, Sister Cities Australia and Look Victoria. Recent exhibitions and publications include Light Sensitive at Art Intersection in Gilbert, Arizona juried by Christopher James, October 2019 Black and White Magazine / alternative photography and Sooke Fine Art Show in Sooke, British Columbia.

“I like the way that black and white photographs emphasize structure and texture. I enjoy using historical processes in which the prints are handmade. There is an element of unpredictability that brings my prints to life.”

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