Steven Dowell

Steven Dowell prints in gum and often combines gum with gum over platinum and palladium.
From: Houston, Texas, USA.
Shows: Gum bichromates and Gum over platinum and palladium.

Steven Dowell first began photographing after a lifelong illness forced his early retirement from the “Big Yellow Company in Rochester, NY” (Kodak).  Oddly enough, his job had nothing to do photography.

Steven Dowell attended the Glassell School of Art, concentrating on photography. After taking a platinum printing workshop from Kerik Kouklis, his interest in alternative processes was sparked. Steven was fortunate to engage in photography just at the right time. Film was still somewhat mainstream, but the digital revolution was quickly gathering steam. While certainly not an enemy of digital, he loves film, the darkroom and the arcane chemistry and fine artist papers involved in the process.

Now, Steven Dowell has embraced digital technology in order to create the digital negatives necessary to his alternative printing. He shoots on film as well as digitally these days. Simply put, Steve’s desire is to create images that evoke an emotion in the viewer.

“Photography has come to define me, to a degree. My creative life (and my lovely new bride) has sustained me the last few years. I had a double lung transplant almost a year and a half ago and I am looking forward to a long future of continued creativity.”

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