Spiffy Tumbleweed

Spiffy Tumbleweed

Spiffy Tumbleweed lives and works in South Austin, Texas. He works mainly in pinhole photography, but also shares his work in albumen, cyanotype, gum, mordancage and Polaroid SX-70.
From: South Austin, Texas, USA.
Shows: Albumen prints, Cyanotypes, Gum bichromates, Mordancages, Pinholes, Polaroid SX-70s.

Working under the name Spiffy Tumbleweed, this artist lives and works in South Austin, TX and is active with a variety of photographic processes. He has been practicing various alternative photographic processes for more than a dozen years, pretty much thanks to this website and the people on it who so generously share their work and knowledge of processes. Spiffy started out with cyanotype, the gateway drug of alternative process photography, and has branched out from there to try salt prints, albumen, gum bichromate and mordancage. Spiffy likes to try everything and enjoys making his own chemistry to do so. Along with alternative process work, he has had a primary interest in pinhole photography for many years now, and works with a variety of different formats and materials. Spiffy spends most Sunday afternoons in an old school wet darkroom, and while he works in both digital and film and uses both to feed into alt process printing, he has a decided preference for B&W film.

“I work a lot with digital photography, but I dislike the sterility and automation of it. Alternative process photography provides me with a hands on experience that I direct every step of the way. I love it!”


  • Email: spiffytumbleweed (at) yahoo.com
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