Skip Smith

Skip Smith from Widbey Island, Washington, USA, works in Lith prints and Photograms both lith developed on positive paper.
From: Widbey Island, Washington, USA.
Shows: Lith prints, Photograms.

Skip Smith was an entomologist and biology professor. Photography captured his interest several decades ago and gradually his creativity switched from his study of insects to art. He experimented with several different photographic processes including platinum/palladium, gum, and infrared as well as traditional silver gelatin. He settled on lith printing and uses it more than any other technique to his express his vision.

He uses lith for three main reasons: it allows him to simplify and create texture; the combination of lith tone and texture creates a late 19th century feeling; and it may be used to create calm and contemplative images.

Several photographers including Laura Gilpin, Michael Kenna, Tim Rudman, and John Holmgren have influenced him. He has attended a few workshops but the most critical was with Tim Rudman.

His favorite photo quote is by Robert Adams, “If the goal of art is beauty and if we assume that the goal is sometimes reached, even if always imperfectly, how do we judge art? Basically, I think, by whether it reveals to us important form that we ourselves have experienced but to which we have not paid adequate attention. Successful art rediscovers beauty for us.”

Skip Smith shares his most practical quote:

“The most important tool in the darkroom is the wastebasket; use it often.”

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