Shooting With X-Rays

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An X-ray is like a picture, except the fact that it uses the infamous x-rays instead of visible light. Another difference is that in photography we usually capture the light that is reflected by objects, while in x-ray capture the rays pass through the objects, more precisely our body. But if it were an analogue camera?

Safety first: This was a joint effort with technical experts and all the safety standards were met. I just directed the photo, put the objects on its positions and the whole operation was performed by the technician.

Basically we put the plants on a support to stay aligned with the “film” and the “camera”. The frame was made ​​using a normal light coming from the machine that casts the object shadow on the photosensitive material. At the moment of capture we all went out to let the technician run the click.

After being digitized, the images get a treatment on the clinics software before beeing edited by photoshop, where we inverted and cleaned it. And it’s done! Photography with x-rays!

It isn’t a kind of photography that you can go out and click everywhere. You need a controlled environment and mainly safety rules. But I can say that I had the pleasure of have been had this experience!

This article is originally from the Lomography magazine.


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