Share, Tag or Dye | Open Call for contributions to a collective-anthotype-based installation – July 22-August 15, 2022, Bucharest (RO)

Do you sometimes feel that the time you spend on social media self-promoting your work is far longer than the one you spend doing actual work and, even so, your work doesn’t really get seen anyway?

We do, too. So how about we all come together and make a really loud statement about that? Share, Tag or Dye is a really simple, straightforward, free for all, no selection, no fuss, international open call, covering all mediums and types of art.

And then we’ll do what we best know: a big ass installation in the hottest alternative art place in town!

Be a part of it by sending us a link where you self-promote your work on social media. We prefer Instagram, but you do you. Here’s the 1-minute form you need to complete for that:

You probably saw this coming, but what we are gathering here is one big batch of contributions from everyone & from everywhere that will come together into one bold installation. There will be no selection process, but we have limited space available; everything is “First come, first served”, so make haste!

Once the open call is done, we celebrate World Anthotype Day in our hearts and darkrooms (thank you, Alternative Photography for this gem!) and we start sharing practices, ideas and recipes of anthotypes, a historical photographic technique based on sun printing using natural and sustainable materials (like flowers, fruits or veggies) – this will be the playground for our upcoming installation. We will work on printing all these bits and pieces of your social media feeds and streams, using this beautiful 200 years old technique. By September, we will have a photographic anthotype-instafeed-labyrinth at VAGon (this funky artist-run hybrid part of Malmaison Studios, a recent spontaneous artist community that popped up in one of the most interesting buildings Bucharest has to offer).

What say you? If you don’t feel like saying anything really, just show us. We’ll be all eyes and hands on deck, to bring this group exhibition to life.

Share, Tag or Dye is the latest public project handled and manned by the Allkimik Photographic Association, an art collective from Bucharest, RO, with a focus on analogue, alternative & experimental photography.

Share, Tag or Dye will be out there in loving partnership with Alternative Photography, VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space & Malmaison Studios. The project is financed by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

Link to event:

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