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Sebastien de Feraudy photographer

Sebastien de Feraudy is a fine art photographer and platinum/palladium printmaker, based in San Francisco, California, USA. He shows his platinum and palladiums here.
From: San Francisco, California, USA.
Shows: Platinotypes, Platinum / palladium.

Drawing inspiration from the aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi (侘寂) and pictorialism, Sebastien de Feraudy’s approach to photography emphasizes the beauty of subject matter, tonality, mood and composition, rather than the documentation of reality.

Sebastien combines film and digital photography with digital editing technology to create monochromatic prints involving platinum and palladium solutions hand-coated on traditional papers (platinotypes). This demanding, hands-on process requires patience, precision, and a taste for surprises.

Unexpected deviations from the intended result sometimes lead to happy accidents to be recognized and celebrated. The art of platinum printing can thus bring about a shift in perspective, from one that strives to achieve a set standard of perfection to the simple and joyful appreciation of what is.

“The unpredictability and simple elegance of this process result in a unique, one-of-a-kind print statement, an art object. No two prints are ever identical.”

Platinotypes uniqueness stems from their broad tonal range and luminosity, the wonderful texture and weight of the traditional papers on which they are printed, their matte surface that gives the image an almost three-dimensional feel, and their exceptional archival stability.

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