classic cyanotype process

The New Cyanotype process (Ware)

The cyanotype process, also known as the blue print process was invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842 and is still performed today by many darkroom enthusiasts.

kallitype vandyke vdbrown argyrotype

Formula overview for Vandyke, Kallitype and Argyrotype

As they are similar in their make-up, many confuse Kallitypes with Vandykes (also called Vandyke Browns) and even Argyrotypes. Wynn White clarifies things for us in this overview. Recipes for the fixer is also included.

brush coating

Coating your paper using brushes

This is a how to, what with, what on and how much to use article and though it’s aimed at Cyanotype printers it can be used, with patience with other processes needing coating.

Cyanotype by Farah Mahbub

Interview with Farah Mahbub

Farah is lecturing photography at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan. She shows us that when it comes down to it, a photographers passion of their art is the same wherever you work, although in some places it’s a bit more difficult to get hold of the right tools.

Jill Enfield

Interview with Jill Enfield

After Jill’s book on alternative processes appeared, Robert A. Schaefer Jr. took a look at Jill Enfield’s work.

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Free books on alternative photographic processes you can download. Whole books – or parts of books – generously given by authors. Book on alternative photographic processes for free A NON-SILVER MANUAL Cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, Palladium & Gum Bichromate with instructions for making light-resists including pinhole photography by Sarah Van Keuren Sarah Van Keuren’s book with lots of ideas for workshops and on a wide range of alternative photographic processes. Download … Read more

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Alternative photographic processes A-Z

Instructions and recipes on how to work in alternative photographic processes and non-silver techniques. Instructions are provided by photographers and teachers working in the process, written with a practical approach, so; enjoy learning a new process. Have fun! If you are new a good starting point is the cyanotype process and if you want an environmentally friendly process start with anthotypes. Albumen prints Replacing the salt print process by the … Read more

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