Vandyke by Alfonso de Castro

Alfonso de Castro

Alfonso de Castro, a Spanish professor shows argyrotypes, vandykes platinum & palladiums and a range of different processes in his gallery. From: Spain. Shows: Argyrotypes, Cyanotypes, Platinum and Palladium and Vandykes. Alfonso de Castro lives in Spain and is a professor at the University of Barcelona, where he has been teaching photography for many years. He is also naturally a … Read more

Bromoil print Uncoated. Spots very evident.

Bromoil Process – Cure for White Spots

White spots have become an ever-increasing issue when making Bromoil prints, and this is not limited to one paper manufacturer. This is how you solve it. Writer and photography / Dave Symonds FRPS EFIAP Papers used for bromoil: Foma 112 & 113 & Other Papers The problem seems to have increased over recent years and is not limited to one … Read more

Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1

Review of Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1

Peter J. Blackburn reviews Anthotype Emulsions, Volume 1, and finds this springboard and resource alluring – and is eagerly awaiting the next volume.  Writer / Peter J. Blackburn If ever there was a medium that best captured the soft, the gentle, and the ethereal, anthotypes would be among the champions. And those delicate qualities are clearly on display in Malin … Read more

temp exhibition sydney

Solo exhibition: Christopher Ireland in Sydney, Australia, Feb 15th

Who: Christopher Ireland, Artist, founder of Platina Editions, Member of The Pool Collective ( What: Platina Editions is an online gallery where collectors can buy alternative process prints hand made by the artist, in very limited bespoke editions When/Where: Feb 15th 6:30 PM Ditty Wheels Gallery, 50 French’s rd Willoughby, Sydney AUSTRALIA RSVP Essential: Why: “I decided to pursue … Read more

Call for Entry: Alternative Process and the Handmade Photograph

Check out this event from our friends at Atlanta Photo Group and The HAND: Call for Entry: Alternative Process and the Handmade Photograph Juror: Adam Finkelston, Editor of The Hand Magazine Dates: January 15- February 15, 2023 Atlanta Photography Group (APG), Atlanta, GA APG is excited to partner with Adam Finkelston and The Hand Magazine for our first exhibition dedicated … Read more

Anna Atkins tribute gallery

Anna Atkins was a true pioneer and in 1843 she published the first book of photography using the cyanotype process. To honour her we have created a Anna Atkins’ tribute gallery here with images made in the same style as Anna Atkins’ used. The gallery is made up of entries for the Anna Atkins’ calendar event, take part before the … Read more

Mordancage by Yaroslav Golubchyk

Yaroslav Golubchyk

Yaroslav Golubchyk is in search of “non-standard” techniques and has been working in alt. proc. for 15 years and shows a range of processes. From: Kyiv, Ukraine. Shows: Chemigrams, Cyanotypes, Gum bichromate, Gum over cyanotypes, Gumoils, Kallitype, Mordancage, Oilprints, and Photoetching. Yaroslav Golubchyk, was born in 1971 in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has been working for more than 15 years in … Read more

Jennifer Booher's high-tech studio

Double-exposure cyanotypes

For several years now, Jennifer Booher has been making double-exposure cyanotype photograms of disposable plastic shopping bags. She calls the series “Extinction” and it began after her town banned plastic bags as a tongue-in-cheek typology imagining these bags as an endangered species. Writer and photography / Jennifer Steen Booher The process is pretty straightforward – I layer a plastic bag … Read more

Vandyke by Susan Chainey

Susan Chainey

Susan Chainey has been working on and off in the darkroom with alternative photographic processes since the 70s. She currently works with Cyanotypes and Vandykes. From: Berkeley, California, USA. Shows: Cyanotypes and Vandykes. Susan Chainey taught English for over thirty years but her other work/love was photography (which she also taught occasionally). In the 1970’s she concentrated on portraits, using … Read more

Exhibition, Beyond Silver, 18th January – 5th February at The Hive, Birmingham, UK. Opening party 18th Jan 6-8PM

Details of event: The London Alternative Photography Collective present “Beyond Silver”, an exhibition that explores the relationships between analogue photography and metallurgy. The exhibition will consider the use of silver in photography, as well as shining a light on many of the other metals that are used within photographic image production, in both historical and contemporary practice. In addition to … Read more