World Pinhole Photography Day

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – last Sunday in April

WPPD, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, is an international annual event. The website is run by a group of volunteers, who work to encourage people to learn the basics of photography. One way to learn is by joining one of the many workshops that take place around the globe on Pinholeday. If you host a workshop or other event related … Read more

Calibration for Alternative Photographic Processes by Calvin Grier

Calibration for Alternative Photographic Processes

by Calvin Grier Buy “Calibration for Alternative Photographic Processes” directly from Calvin Grier $69   for eBook – download direct.      Why buy it here?When you choose the option to buy directly from the author, the book is shipped by the author ensuring most of the money goes to the author. About Calibration for Alternative Photographic Processes This series … Read more

Style guide

Good tool Styling is in the WordPress editor / Appearance CSS: My own styles such as listings and buyboxes.  Todo: Search and replace all  <hr> <author-description… class=”alert-danger” replace with “red” hr in efefef and eeeeee replace with e0e0e0 .col-md-12 and .row divider and .col-md-12 Background colours     HEX #f8f8f8 bg in browser, buybox footer, jetpack bg   HEX … Read more

World Cyanotype Day – on the last Saturday of September

World Cyanotype started in 2015, and was created by the artists of shootapalooza. The official celebration day is always the last Saturday of September. There are several events taking place over the world, here are a few – if you know of more let us know. Contribute with your own work, or if you don’t practice it yourself, you can … Read more