Sandra C. Davis

Inspired by Sarah Van Keuren, Sandra C. Davis, from Philadelphia, PA, USA prints gum bichromates, made from a single grayscale digital negative. They have 4-6 layers of color each.
American photographer
From: Burlington, NJ near Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Shows: Gum bichromates.

Sandra C. Davis was born in 1960 and grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA. In the early 1980s, she discovered gathering images through the camera lens. After a twenty-year career as a graphic designer, she decided to reenergize her fine art passion, and began studying non-silver printmaking processes. This step led to a major career change. She now teaches alternative processes and photography at The University of the Arts and Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

Sandra’s haunting imagery is about capturing remembered moments from the past. Working in several bodies of work, she explores history by photographing what remains from previous eras. Through the unique way she edits the landscape and by printing the images in various alternative processes, she makes them her own vision, creating an illusory veil of dreaminess.

“I print my Mythical Gardens Series in the gum bichromate process because I enjoy the tactile sense of making a unique image. With each layer of color, the image evolves. I continue to be amazed at every step along the way.”


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