Routledge 30% book discount November 24th – December 1st

Routledge publishers have a lot of books of interest to us. Christina Z. Andersson is the editor of the Routledge series “Contemporary Practices in Alternative Process Photography” – see image below, which is especially interesting to alt. proc. photographers with authors such as Pradip Malde, Mike Ware and Leanne McPhee. In any case, if this got you interested in any of the books, we have a discount on Routledge’s books for you.

30% off all Routledge books
(It’s our affiliate link, which means we get a small cut of the sale without any added expense to you)
November 24th until December 1st.
No code is needed. The books should already be priced down.

Discount Routledge


4 thoughts on “Routledge 30% book discount November 24th – December 1st”

  1. Thanks, the Routledge link worked. The commission sounds harmless, but for some reason it’s still blocked. I’ll see if I can whitelist it. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. Hi Bob,
    That is the correct link, it’s going through an affiliate programme, giving us a small commission (also want to add, that we don’t promote ANYHTING we don’t think it’s great, or beneficial to our visitors, we’re not doing this work for money). 🙂
    Try copy-paste this into your browser:
    If that does not work, try this one:
    Don’t forget to enter the code “Routledge20”

  3. I can’t click the link, my ISP is blocking “anrdoezrs DOT net” which is a commission based redirector. Your site may be hacked.

    Can you fix please? I’m quite interested in the sale.

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