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Renato Ferreira (Renato Ferrara) is a Portuguese-American retired CPA, born in Coimbra, located in the central part of Portugal.
From: Coimbra, Portugal.
Shows: Bromoils, Cyanotypes, Silver gelatins, Oleobroms, and Vandykes.

Renato Ferreira’s first experience with photography was around five or six years of age with his father’s camera and later tailing him into his darkroom where he learned the arts of the darkroom and the historic processes. His father, an amateur photographer and daily correspondent to two major newspapers in Portugal, regularly wrote newspaper articles and took photos that were featured in the local news; he was hooked to this fantastic mystery of darkroom work. His childhood memories played an important role in his love and passion for photography.
For Renato Ferreira photography is so much more than ‘just pictures’. Through the experiences of his early childhood, he always felt a certain ‘mystical’ and ‘magical’ feeling towards photography that develops into the very work he produce today.

The alternative process and the appeal to the oil printing and bromoil came following this vision: the need to express his feelings in a more artistic and profound way.
Presently, residing in Portugal, Renato Ferreira is dedicated to teaching alternative photography history and processes, including Bromoil, from his ESTÚDIO 77, in a partnership at  Casa-Estúdio Carlos Relvas in Golegâ (Portugal), and in many workshops and exhibitions in galleries and museums in this country and abroad,

Being recognized as a master artist and a skilled educator in alternative photography and photography integrated media and culture, he created a program of alternative photography for kids with great successs, to help kids activate their imagination and creativity through photography.

Casa-Estúdio Carlos Relvas (link to Facebook) is an iconic photographic studio and museum  built in 1871 by the pionier portuguese photographer Carlos Relvas (1838-1894).

“Sharing my talent with the world! Taking photos for fun and passion, I dedicate my time enjoying the art of photography.”

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