Renata Ratajczyk

Renata Ratajczyk is a Polish born digital artist. She shares her work in Polaroid SX-70s.
From: Born Warsaw, Poland, lives Toronto, Canada.
Shows: Polaroid SX-70.

Renata Ratajczyk is a photographer and digital artist specializing in photo illustration, fine art portraits and travel photography. In her dream-like and visionary images she often merges reality with a fantasy world. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, she lives and works in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

Renata Ratajczyk work has been published in a variety of books, magazines, on CDs, in calendars, on posters, greeting cards, postcards, as well as it has been used in advertising. Polaroid SX-70 was one of her favorite techniques she used to create painterly images, when such film was still available. Now she utilizes a variety of software programs to enhance her work.

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