Raimo Dahl

Raimo Dahl, upon discovering Wetplate photography, became hooked on the process. He is currently on a project photographing bearded men.
From: Helsinki, Finland.
Shows: Wetplate.

Raimo Dahl at 50 years old, one day realised that there are such thing as wet plate photography.
And after that, wetplates is “The thing”, the one and only photography technique Raimo Dahl wants to use. It is still the case, after after 4 years of practising the method.

The most part of Raimo Dahls work are pictures of men with beards. One day he says he will have an exhibition called “beard gallery”.

There are so many talented wet platers in the world, so it’s hard to choose how to progress, but northern nature could the next thing Raimo Dahl will photograph. Winter wet plates have not been done by so many. So perhaps that will be the next project, once the beard project is finished. The next man with beard will be man with red beard and freckles, or perhaps a woman with a lot of freckles, for a change.

“Wetplate photography is best way to photograph for me, it’s always unique, and lasts some 100 years.”

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