6 thoughts on “Polaroid SX-70 manipulations – the video”

  1. For some reason the video stopped at 9 minutes 32 seconds and would not run further. I am curious – was the image, you were working on in the video, taken with the Impossible Project SX-70 film or with original Polaroid SX-70 film? From the examples I have seen on the Impossible Project website – quite truthfully, I am not impressed enough to incur the expense. mjb

  2. Hello Scott! I just got an email on alternative photography with the happy info that timezero (sx-70) film is agan available!! I am SO jazzed!! Just put in my order for 10 packs for starters and will get geared up again for teaching workshops!! What GREAT news!! All of the polaroid equipment I have accumulated over the years is now valuable to me again!! Woot!!

  3. Dear Scott Wittenburg,
    I was very interested by your maniulation proccess video and I would like to show you my impressionistic art taken with 35mm film and thing about a way to rech such qualities and impacts through polaroid, and how about peeling the emultions and scanned them for enlarging them later.
    based on my art inmy galleries at: http://www.dubiroman.com – what would you recommend me to do besides the boring digital world,
    Dubi Roman,

  4. Could you please tell me where I can get Polaroid 699 for use with a Daylab. Alternatively could you point me to the instructions for the Fuji film FP 100C to do the emulsion lift/transfers.
    Thanks for your time.
    Dianne Smith

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