Peter J. Blackburn

Peter J. Blackburn

Peter J. Blackburn is a freelance photographer working in the Dallas, Texas area. He spends many hours a week working with both gum and casein bichromate printing.
From: Dallas, Texas, USA.
Shows: Casein pigment and Gum bichromates.

“While browsing through a basic darkroom handbook early in my photography training, I came across a section outlining just a few of the many alternative processes. Gum and casein printing were among them. I was floored! It was love at first sight! – that was back in 1988.”

For it’s intimate beauty and for the option to print either in monochrome or three and four-color, Peter chose to work exclusively with the bichromate process right from the start. He uses the ubiquitous Texas sun to expose his negatives and credits imaging technology and advances in modern sizing for helping to streamline his production workflow.

“I’m a bit eclectic in my approach, using everything from my trusty Rolleiflex to a Roland printer. Still, even with access to modern accruements, I have found that producing a fine gum bichromate print is much like playing classical music well. It requires discipline, tenacity, and a bit of finesse… Casein, on the other hand, is pure rock and roll!”

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