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Paula Smith is a cyanotypist and mixed media artist, who aims to capture the beauty of nature in its finest detail.
From: Forest of Dean, United Kingdom.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Paula Smith is a nature inspired artist living in the Forest of Dean and, with its wealth of colour and natural beauty, it’s no wonder she works on a forever changing canvas, just like the seasons themselves. Her passion to explore her forest surroundings and collect its natural flora on her woodland walks and flowers from her garden, she prepares to capture their beauty with the cyanotype process.

Paula Smith’s creative practise explores and tests the rules and concepts, by adding materials to make the most of what nature has to offer. Using various papers, such as recycled tea bags and household spices to generate more imagination surrounding her subject matter. Paula’s preferred method is the wet cyanotype process as this allows her to push the boundaries and designs even further. She also creates a more ethereal quality to her photograms when enhancing them with Encaustic Wax. The delicate details of each vein and petal is magically and spiritually exposed.
After becoming a finalist in the 2021 Wraptious competition her confidence grew and she decided to expand her designs onto products to include yoga leggings, sports bras, fine jewellery, canvas prints and more.

Paula Smith continues to experiment and explore the many opportunities available to her and now holds workshops in Blakeney, to share with others her passion for this magical process. Becoming a recent member of farOpen studios, Paula now looks forward to extending her work to the wider community to showcase her creations and products for others to enjoy.

“The joy of working with the cyanotype process is that, not one creation, can ever be repeated. Nature will only express, what it wants you to see!”

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