The Big Paper Survey – take part

You share your experience of all those hours in the darkroom – and learn from others. Please fill out the alternative processes paper survey.

Collected by Malin Fabbri, Editor,

SurveyPlease let us know which papers or surfaces you find work best for the process you are using. People will benefit from this information and you can read what other artists think. The results will be displayed on the site for everyone to share.

1. Send us info on as many of the processes below as you can or add your own if the process you’re working in is not listed in this format.

-Argyrotypes: Works: Fabriano artistico, hot-pressed paper
-Argyrotypes: Doesn’t work well: Winston and Newton papers (also try to motivate why if you want).

2. Email us your answers.

3. The result can be seen here.
That’s it.


Which papers/printing surfaces for the Cyanotype (or whichever process you use):
Doesn’t work:

Which transparency papers and inks for making digital negatives:
Doesn’t work:

Here are some more tips on choosing paper which I would like to share:
My name is: (optional, you don’t have to add this, if you leave it blank we won’t publish your name with your feedback)

Thank you for taking the time to fill in the survey! We also appreciate if you could give us some feedback on the site. Anything you’re missing? Anything you want more or less of?

Many thanks.

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