Free downloads of alt. photo. proc. books

Free books on alternative photographic processes you can download. Whole books – or parts of books – generously given by authors. Download a complete book on alternative photographic processes A NON-SILVER MANUAL Cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, Palladium & Gum Bichromate with instructions for making light-resists including pinhole photography by Sarah Van Keuren Sarah Van Keuren’s book with lots of ideas for … Read more

Black represents developed silver. Grey represents undeveloped silver halide.

Less is More

Ed Buffaloe explains how to make an enlarged negative for contact printing by reversal.

Community rules

We don’t like too many community rules, but some are necessary. Here they are – the rules for the Facebook group, the Google community and anywhere else is involved to create a community: No nudes. This site is open to everyone that includes educational institutions and cultures where nudity may be offensive. State the process you are using if … Read more

Open blog

Our bloggers In our Open blog our bloggers below post interesting work they come across, thoughts and subjects for discussion. Read and comment. Nancy Breslin Nancy Breslin works with a variety of techniques, including pinhole, cyanotype and gum, and teaches part-time at the University of Delaware.