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List of more photography articles by subject and the subjects are: general practices for alternative photographic processes, how-to articles, history, photographers and people, book reviews and more. Go here if you are looking for alternative photographic processes how-to. After printing and mounting What to do with your prints after you are done, how to mount and choose a mat, making … Read more

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The alt. proc. community map! Find people working with alt. proc. in your area, or look people up if you are traveling somewhere. Also, add yourself to the map – it’s nice to see that you are dotted all over the world – you are not alone! View the map of photographers in a larger window.   To add yourself … Read more

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We help you sell your photography book. Many photographers and authors feel the need to share their experiences and knowledge in a book. Many publishers don’t realize just how interesting alternative processes are, so it’s hard to get published, which makes it hard to sell your photography book. Solution? Self-publish! Alternative photographic processes may be a small corner of the … Read more

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Alternative photography books published by us and sold here (and other places) on alternative photographic processes such as cyanotype, anthotype and gum bichromates. Why buy here? After charges, the money goes directly to us. By buying here you contribute towards the running of If you buy using the Amazon links we get a smaller percentage, but still something! Most … Read more Newsletter

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