Cyanotype by Farah Mahbub

Interview with Farah Mahbub

Farah is lecturing photography at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan. She shows us that when it comes down to it, a photographers passion of their art is the same wherever you work, although in some places it’s a bit more difficult to get hold of the right tools.

Lith print by Tim Rudman

Lithprint materials update

This article should be read in conjunction with the introduction to the Lith Printing process. It is based on 2 parts of a 5 part Lith printing series that I wrote earlier this year (2004) for ‘Black & White Photography’.

The chlorophyll process

The chlorophyll process is an organic alternative photography process akin to the anthotype process. However, instead of printing on the crushed extract of fruit or plant matter, the prints are bleached by sunlight directly onto the surface of leaves using a positive. Tiffany Pereira shares her experience with this process.

Gimp Negatives

How to make digital negatives

An easy way to make interesting negatives with the help of a computer. If you think Photoshop is too expensive – The Gimp is a cheaper program – it’s actually free.