Cyanotype by Hiske Dooper

Hiske Dooper

Hiske Dooper, a modern dance teacher and PSYCH-K® Facilitator in Arnhem, discovered cyanotype photography during the 2020 lockdown. She enjoys…

Anne Storm van Leeuwen

Making paper by hand

Anne Storm van Leeuwen outlines a very simpliflied process of making paper. An introduction the old craft of papermaking.


The Big Cyanotype Exposure Survey – take part

The cyanotype is a great way to get started with alternative process, to help beginners figuring out the right exposure time – since they’re different dependent on your climate or where you are based – we are now doing a Cyanotype survey.

Laura Blacklow handpainted photograph

Glossary and explanations for Digital Negatives

Starting out with making digital negatives you may come across some terms you’ve never seen before, like "gamut", "ppi" and "random dots". This glossary may make a little more sense of it all.

Shot by the Cyclops II photographic camera lens.

Cyclops Part II

Part II in how to make lenses do what you want, by Jonathan Brewer.

Malin Fabbri

Cyanotypes – A New Look at an Old Technique

Cyanotypes – A New Look at an Old Technique: A thesis comparing the perception of cyanotypes to the perception of stock photography. The thesis of Malin Hylén (now Malin Fabbri) that got the website started back in 2000.

Ziatype print. Floodwaters by Carl Weese.

The ziatype process

An extract from Christina Z. Anderson’s book Alternative Processes Condensed, which includes a lot more information on several alternative processes.

Vandyke print: Succulent, Pacifica, California, 7/20/90

Vandyke notes

Wynn White’s description of the Vandyke process with variations.

Figure 2: Development by the Push Rod Method.

Satista prints

A description of the Satista photographic print process by Marek Matusz.

Salt print

A dash of salt

A description of the salted paper print process with some interesting variations.