Kerry Herschell

Kerry Herschell, a devoted photographer, recently fell in love with cyanotypes and explores them for unique storytelling. Inspired by global…

McManus and Morgan, Los Angeles, USA

Fine art papers. McManus and Morgan have been in business since 1923. It was started by two UCLA students, John McManus and Elder Morgan, McManus & Morgan offers art supplies, book-binding services, and an incredible array of handmade paper. Adress: 703 S. Carondelet Street Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA No website or email, but here is a post about the building they are in:

Polymetaal, Leiden, the Netherlands. Ships globally

Fine art paper: Zerkall paper, Printmaking equipment and supplies for intaglio printing sold and distributed by retailers. Website: Adress: Leiden. Evertsenstraat 69 C Email:    

IB Wahlström, Stockholm, Sweden. Ship to Scandinavia

Fine art paper: Arches, Canson, Fabriano. Art supplies such as brushes and mattes. Website: Adress: Olofsgatan 10, 111 36 Stockholm Phone: +46 (0)8-151910 Email:

Paper Connection International, Rhode Island, USA. Ships Globally

Kozo, gampi, bamboo; Japanese and other Eastern papers. Fine art and specialty papers made by skilled crafts people mainly in the East to suit the paper needs of artists and institutions around the globe. For three decades, Paper Connection has been providing great quality paper paired with technical assistance to printers, bookbinders, conservators, curators, artists and designers. Webshop: Website: Showroom: (by appointment only) 166 Doyle Ave., Providence, RI, … Read more

The Japanese Paper Place. Toronto, Canada. Retailers worldwide

Kozo, Gampi and more handmade Japanese papers, heavy handmade post card stock. Wholesale, showroom and find retailers. Versatile and varied, the natural fibre Japanese papers, washi, offered here for wholesale, represent 1400 years of craftsmanship and refinement of technique. From economical, blended-fibre papers made by machine to exquisite pure fibre kozo, gampi and mitsumata papers prepared entirely by hand, we offer a wide range natural washi to suit all your … Read more

Kozo Studio. Thailand. Ships globally

Kozo papers. Handmade. Unsized and unbuffered. Mulberry paper features a smooth surface, infused with hints of kozo fiber. Displaying shades of off-white and subtle natural brown, the paper’s beauty is accentuated. The long and interwoven fibers of the kozo bark give the paper remarkable wet strength and flexibility, making it perfectly suited for a range of painting and printing techniques. Additionally, our rice papers are acid-free with a pH of … Read more

Choosing the right paper for alternative processes

Paper basics: An overview of paper qualities

The basic knowledge of paper includes a few terms that are good to know for selecting your base. Selecting the right paper for alternative process prints is akin to choosing the perfect instrument for a musician. The paper should harmonize with your artistic vision and used to add to the experience. Factors like weight, texture, and absorbency are key factors. The choice of paper plays a crucial role in the … Read more

The Analogue lab australia

The Analogue Laboratory, Australia. Ship globally

Cyanotype chemicals and kits. Printing Frames. Ship globally. Frames Hand-made contact printing frames in standard sizes for 8×10″/A4 paper or 11×14″ paper. Custom sizes available by request. Our contact printing frames are made in-house from recycled timbers at our studio in Adelaide, Australia, to a design we modelled on several original contact frames from the early 1900’s. The contact frames are rigid with hand-made steel springs for appropriate pressure. They are extremely … Read more

Making a cyanotype tote bag

Making a cyanotype tote bag is a beautiful way to showcase your art. Greeshma from India shares how to make one in a few simple steps. Writer and photography / Greeshma Cyanotype can transform an ordinary tote bag into a unique masterpiece. Cyanotype, a photographic printing process dating back to the 19th century and recognised by its distinctive blue colour is of course use in many applications today. In this … Read more

Timothy McCoy photo polymer gravure

Timothy McCoy

Timothy McCoy explores alternative photographic processes to evoke the timelessness of his images and their interpretative rather than documentary intent. He works in 3 different processes for 3 different reasons. From: Cumming, Georgia, USA Shows: Albumen, Polymer Photogravures, Palladium prints Timothy McCoy creates images to transform the “reality” seen through the camera lens into expressions of the oneness and wonder found in Buddhist/Taoist philosophy. His approach has been influenced by … Read more

Hahnemule paper logo

Hahnemüle papers

Hahnemüle make paper from high-quality cellulose using old recipes and traditional methods at the same location in Germany since 1584. Hahnemüle Platinum Rag is many’s favourite paper. Hahnemüle don’t sell on their website, but list suppliers here: Website: Adress: Suite 5, St. Mary’s Court, Carleton Forehoe, Norwich NR9 4AL, UK Phone: 01603759266 Email:

John Brewer photography printing frames

John Brewer photography. Ships to UK and Europe

Contact print frames, Wetplate collodion silver boxes, fixer boxes and plate racks. High-quality hardwood printing frames for alternative photography – normally made to order but sometimes have stock. Logbook/record books for various alternative photography processes. Chemistry and plates for wetplate collodion. Silver nitrate. Chemistry for alternative photography processes. Precious metal salts – platinum, palladium, gold, silver. Website: Address: England Contact: Through website Ship: Sell in the UK but also … Read more

Calendar & Journal – Composites – Alternative Photographic Processes

The 2025 Calendar and Journal event has the theme “Composites”! Open for entries until 31 March, read how to take part. Composites: Combining images from separate sources, replacing selected parts of an image, multiple exposures or collages of images. You can also combine different processes and materials. So, time to get creative! Of course ANY alternative processes are allowed! To read more about how each image is a composite, click … Read more