Pablo Tesoriere

Pablo Tesoriere photographer

Pablo Tesoriere is a filmmaker from Argentina. He shows his cyanotype portraits here.
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Pablo Tesoriere was born in 1979 in the province of Buenos Aires, resident in CABA. He is a comprehensive director specialized in works with audiovisual and photographic archives and Fine Art Photographer. Film Director (Universidad del Cine, 2001). Professor with orientation in Film Direction (Universidad del Cine, 2005). Diploma in Audiovisual Restoration (FILO, 2018). Postgraduate Photography and Social Sciences (UBA, 2019). Digital Restoration Program (UNSAM, 2019).

Pablo Tesoriere is a professor at the University of Palermo in the Area of Textile and Clothing Design of the Faculty of Design and Communication. Since 2010 he has given workshops on film and documentary photography, emphasizing the conservation and restoration of the worked material, combining theory with practice.

Pablo Tesoriere is also a founder of the Bagual Films Audiovisual Production Company. Director and Producer of documentaries premiered in commercial theaters and national and international film festivals. He obtained the Cóndor de Plata and Argentores awards for his audiovisual pieces and exhibited his photographs in the National Congress, national and international galleries (individual and group exhibitions).

Pablo’s photographic samples are considered installations combining creative archive uses with his own audiovisual and photographic material. Specialty in Found Footage (found files).

Pablo Tesoriere was selected for the ArtexArte Residence Listen to Photography 2021 and the 4×4 Clinics directed by Pablo Sinaí and Federico de la Puente in 2021. Projects approved in INCAA 2007, 2010, 2018, in Patronage 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and in FOMECA 2017, 2018. Subsidy Metropolitan Fund for Culture, Arts and Sciences 2018. FNA training scholarship 2019. Finalist Itaú Visual Prize 2020.

“When something crosses me, I must find a way to express myself. My body language is conveyed through a camera. Some dancers have confessed to me that when I photograph and film, I move like a dancer. My body speaks.”

More about Pablo Tesoriere:

  • Contact email: pablotesoriere (at)
  • Website
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