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Nuala Mahon photographer

Nuala Mahon is from Ireland and her photographic work reflects her concern for environmental problems. She shows her pinholes developed in seaweed here.
From: Sherkin Island, Ireland.
Shows: Pinholes and monoprints.

Nuala Mahon is a photographer living and working on a small island off the south west coast of Ireland. She is deeply interested in her unique environment and an avid gardener.

Nuala Mahon’s main concern is plastic pollution in the ocean that is continually being washed up on the beautiful beaches of her island home. It is a continual reminder of what is destroying marine life in our oceans.

Nuala Mahon works mainly with pinhole cameras to make images of the washed up plastic items. Images are made both on the beaches and in her studio. She uses, as far as possible, chemical-free processes for developing her work. Most of her pinhole images are developed using seaweed.

She also makes monoprints of the found ocean items. She has exhibited her work in both Ireland and France.

“We need to stop and reflect that if we continue to consume at present rates we will consume our planet.”

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