New book on toning cyanotypes!

Cyanotype toning book by Annette Golaz

The cyanotype toning book from Annette Golaz – another Routledge publication – is here, containing step-by-step instructions and contemporary artists working with toning.

As we all know by now, cyanotypes are blue by default. As much as blue is a wonderful color, it is not always suitable for the final print. Luckily, cyanotypes can be toned, and now there is a whole book devoted to this topic.

From the publisher:

“Throughout history, cyanotype prints have been toned not only with various—and at times hazardous—chemicals but also with more natural ingredients like tea and coffee. Since the cyanotype itself is non-toxic, Cyanotype Toning will champion an innovative process, developed by the author, of toning cyanotypes with natural material.”

This is a two-part book including a step-by-step how-to section needed to achieve a successfully toned print. Part two is devoted to artists who have explored toning. The first part gives easy-to-understand instructions, accessible to all skill levels and also describes factors that can influence the outcome such as the quality of paper and water, temperature, and more. Part two goes into more detail about how artists have explored toning in their creative process.

“Using botanicals to tone cyanotypes broadens the color spectrum, enlarges creative possibilities, and makes the cyanotype process even more versatile.”

Annette Golaz, the author is a Swiss photographer, experiments with a variety of alternative processes and cameras. Below are links to get the book (this will give us a tiny tiny percent of the prize without making it more expensive for you).

Get the cyanotype toning book by Annette Golaz
Cyanotype toning: Using Botanicals to Tone Blueprints Naturally book by Annette Golaz

Cyanotype toning: Using Botanicals to Tone Blueprints Naturally

by Annette Golaz

A two-part book with a step-by-step how-to section and artists who have explored toning.
Recommended reading to learn cyanotype toning.

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Blueprint to cyanotypes the book by Malin Fabbri

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