Natasha Sanchez

Natasha Sanchez is a photographer and songwriter from New Orleans. Her love of the darkroom keeps her shooting film and experimenting with vintage and traditional techniques, such as the lumen print process. She also works with liquid emulsion and handpainted photographs.
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Shows: Hand painted photographs, Liquid emulsions, Lumen prints and Lumen negatives.

Natasha Sanchez is a photographer, songwriter, and educator exploring, sharing and always inspired by the vast richness of our world. Her photographic works use a variety of mediums to share her worldview – 35mm film, recycled photographic paper used to create lumen prints, plus a smidge of digital. Through her photographic project “The Louisiana World Tour”, Natasha travels the world without leaving her home state. When she’s not searching for Himalaya, Louisiana, she explores common parallels and modern fossils through her most recent and ongoing lumen print project “Lumens on Location”.

She lives and creates in New Orleans, Louisiana where she hosts songwriter nights, maintains a monthly blog called “The State of My World”, and teaches photography workshops.

“I work with the lumen print process because it allows me to creatively illuminate the details that make up the whole of our world.”

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