Nan Wollman

Nan Wollman goes back to the beginnings of cyanotypes and uses trees and plants to make positive prints with cyanotypes.
From: Arizona, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Listening for trees falling in the forest.
One of the traditional uses of cyanotype was to make negative images of plants for botanical study. In my cyanotype photographs, my tree and plant images are positive prints, starting from landscapes and plant forms I have photographed. There are also film images are of bones and rocks.

“I use bones because I see them not as symbols of death, but as sensual objects that are the structures of our bodies.”

I work with their texture and pattern to form my compositions. The forms, with the layered images, work together to create delightful and compelling pictures. My images reflect the beauty and stillness in nature. They isolated imagery, separating the tree from the forest.

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