Megan Crawford

Megan Crawford, from Montana, has a background in history, which led her to explore alternative processes such as salted paper, chromoskedasic sabattier and mordançage.
From: Columbia Falls, Montana, USA.
Shows: Gum bichromate, salted paper, gum over salt, chromoskedasic sabattier and mordançage.

Megan Crawford (b. 1995) is an alternative process photographer based in northwestern Montana. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Photography from Montana State University in 2017. Her work has exhibited nationally and is featured in various publications.

Crawford’s background in history and her interest in handmade photographs led her to pursue processes such as gum bichromate and salted paper. Her work often focuses on history and landscape: how they interact with modern and historical societies, how they interact with each other, and what they can represent in a contemporary photographic context.

“Working with alternative processes took me back to that fleeting, magical feeling of the first time I made a gelatin silver print. I fell in love with alt wholeheartedly— the mistakes, the triumphs, the personal, emotional nuances— it’s something that will never leave me, and I’ll never leave it.”

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