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Megan Bonanto has many irons in the fire, one of them being cyanotypes. Her patterns come from experiments with glass and a kaleidoscope lens.
From: Georgia, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Influenced by natural elements. Megan Bonanto’s background includes an undergraduate degree in Environmental Education, a Master’s in Library Science, weaver, quilter, yogi, foodie, gardener, pixel spinning, cyclist, reader, home-school moma, hiker, outdoor enthusiast, and designer.
As a visual artist, Megan’s work is a reflection of the environment in which she lives. Megan’s cyanotype Liberated Patterns are brought to life through the layers of meditative practices active in her day-to-day living.

Using natural UV light, cyano patterns originate from found and thrifted cut glass objects. Original textile cyano prints are made under the sun. Megan Bonanto has made sun prints in Tahiti, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, California, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

“From above and from within; light is the energy which transforms our visual, earthly experiences.”

About Megan Bonanto’s work: How a Cyanotype Metamorphosed into a Liberated Pattern
Megan works with the flickers of light on the edge of glass. Using a library of cut glassware, antique glass and glass artefacts, the process starts with a natural UV cyanotype which is then digitally photographed with a kaleidoscope lens.

Cut glassware images are captured using a natural UV process on a cyano-treated textile canvas.
Original textile canvas weaves will often appear in the details of the pattern prints, adding texture to the relationship between materials and process medium.

The original cut glassware textile canvas cyanotype is then digitally photographed. Using a kaleidoscopic lens original design points are interwoven giving way to new layers in the possibility of design patterns. Artefacts once static in function but reflective of limitless planes.

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