Maureen Mulhern-White

Maureen Mulhern-White photographer

Maureen Mulhern-White is passionate about cyanotypes, lumens and photographs which reflects in her work, she starts her gallery here with a few examples. Take a look.
Lives: Roxbury, Connecticut, USA. Born: UK
Shows: Cyanotypes and lumen prints.

Maureen Mulhern-White’s particular passions include cyanotype, lumengrams and photograms. Self-taught, her work often bridges the playful and the macabre. Born in England, Maureen spent her early years in the UK before moving to the US where she is a naturalized citizen. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and an MFA from the University of Iowa’s Writers Workshop. Wesleyan University Press published her book of poetry, “Parallax.” Maureen and her husband, jazz saxophonist and collage artist, Doug White, have one son and six cats.

“Embrace and study what you consider to be “mistakes” and let them guide you into new terrains.”


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