Massimo Badolato

Portrait of Massimo Badolato, palladium prints

Massimo Badolato started photography as a teenager and is currently working in palladium prints. He experiments with different supports and brushes to achieve the perfect surface.
From: Turin, Italy.
Shows: Palladium prints.

Massimo Badolato lives and works in Turin (Italy). From the age of fifteen, with his first Nikon F, he has been taking photographs to express his personal interpretation of what attracts his attention, be it a light, a shape, a trace or a shadow. He sees the apparent contrast between analog and digital as an opportunity to combine the rigid precision of the “numerical” image with the material poetry of hand-made paper and the softness of artisan brushes, all ingredients used to give life to platinum printing and palladium. Use various types of artisanal and industrial paper, to appreciate the surface, the brightness, the touch of white of the intrinsic fibers. For forty years he has cultivated a passion for analogue printing, continuing his research in an era of digital rigor, uniting two worlds that only apparently are mutually exclusive.

“I like to think that photographic research in ancient printing techniques must continue in the era of digital rigor to thus unite two worlds that are only apparently mutually exclusive.”

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